Friday, June 10, 2011

The fastest way to orgasm


Reaching orgasm is the culmination of the sex - the Holy Grail of your sexual relationship. Yet, for some, there are difficulties surrounding having an orgasm. The issue of not being able to have an orgasm at all - and even less takes too much time - is a serious disorder for many women, and trustworthy professional help of a sex therapist, ask here.

For the guys, the problem of the orgasming too soon is receiving much more attention that the issue of the entry too slowly. However, too long extension of the male orgasm can be a problem for the man who this sexual dysfunction and his partner. What appears to be at first as a peaceful twenty minutes to intimate love can turn into a marathon with the checkered flag a long way down the runway.

For a female partner, the question of an orgasm in a man can lead to excessive vaginal irritation caused by repetitive and out thrusting. It may also feel as if it is not exciting enough for her man if he is still to come, while it peaked a long time ago and can't wait to test on.

You're a guy, there are several techniques that you can use to have an orgasm faster that you would normally. The best and most reliable technique is essentially based fantasy.

You must have developed a sexual scenario that you can bring to mind when you are having sex to be Telegraph signal of your penis happened time to ejaculate. Often, when a guy having sex with the same partner for years and years, the "spark" is passed the sexual part of its relationship and special methods are necessary. Some of the best fantasies have been described in male sexual research, and the three main are the following:

Another woman. Lots of guys reported that they can accelerate the process of having an orgasm and ejaculation much more quickly when they fantasize that they are with another partner. For a lower percentage, a fantasy of having a homosexual encounter with another man can take him at ejaculation.
Role play. If you can convince your partner, a feeling of sexual excitement and an emergency may be achieved by pretending that you are foreign having a romantic relationship, dress, using sex toys or handcuffs or any other accessories.
Sex in public spaces. Lots of guys are able to accelerate their ejaculation when they opt for a "quickie" or "knee tremble" in a public or semi-public sector. Thought to be taken by a passerby, or even a figure of authority and the possible consequences of getting caught can make a man fall within minutes. The same men reported that sex with the same exact partner in a normal and safe environment (for example, at home in his bed) will result in orgasm may take an hour or more.

If these techniques do not work, there may be an underlying delayed ejaculation of physical problem in men. Most often, it is associated with problems of powerlessness and can be addressed and rectified by taking suitable medication.

For women, accelerate their orgasm is able to orgasm quickly enough or can be a real problem, especially if their male partner has a hair trigger.

The absolutely best way for women to faster to come practice is to try a variety of new techniques of masturbation. Three fantasy methods described above for the guys are also applicable to some extent for women but for self-exploration female clitoris and g-spot are the best ways to achieve orgasm more quickly.

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