Monday, June 6, 2011

Understanding the Causes of a problem of weak erection


Weak erection problems can be deeply disturbing for men as sexual prowess defines masculinity. Popular ideology supports the theory that physically violated males are more desirable by placing them at the top of the hierarchy (pun unintended). It is not only women who prefer the virile male. men themselves subscribe to sexual stereotypes.

It is not simply the mores that affect men with Erectile problems, but a deeper awareness of the need to carry out their natural role, evolution in human reproduction. While much was made of biological clock of women, it is less empathy for the problems of weak erection of man, men even if he can dismiss others with one attitude "it is not man enough to do so."which can protect suggests that happen if it were to reach them.

There is now greater awareness of low erection as topics concerning problems the different aspects of sex are considered no longer taboo and also because there is more proliferation and dissemination of information through mass media and the Internet. Another reason why erectile problems comes from the wardrobe is the development of mainly Viagra and other products available on the market which offer new hope for men with low erection problems.

Social evolution was fast lightning from biological evolution. Our own rapid advancement in health care, the against disease, nutrition, and protective, as legislation, widespread smoking bans and conduct drinking have greatly increased the average lifetime of a human being. The more we live, the more we delay reaching common milestones that mark human life, namely, employment, marriage and child bearing and rearing. Ironically, we hoist by our own ingenuity very ? trap which created leaps in science and technology, thus altering our lives, also beat our basic biological instincts to mate as soon as possible to have the best chance for easy reproduction and in good health. When the average age of marriage has moved dramatically of puberty for thirty years and more, it is required to have a fallout; as lower fertility, a decrease of the sperm and erectile problems.

Impotence is the result of weak erection problems. The process aimed at achieving an erection requires the excitement that triggers a message from the brain to nerves in the penis. The erection depends on blood rush to the penis, where it is kept in the organs of the gypsy moth. There are many causes of erectile problems, they could come from the physiological or psychological reasons. Most often, physiological problems are caused by cardiovascular diseases, where the narrowing of the arteries causes insufficient blood reaching the penis, resulting in weak erection problems, or diabetes which damages the nerves in the penis, leading once more to insufficient blood flow.

Neurological problems can also cause erectile problems. Sometimes, low erection problems can be caused by the drug side effects. Dysfunction of the pituitary gland that produces testosterone can also explain the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems such as anxiety, feelings of inadequacy or feelings of guilt, especially when the man is cheating on his partner can lead to erectile problems.

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