Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why men love Lingerie?


There is nothing about sexual impulses of a man more to watch his wife dressing in nothing else than a lean lingerie. A woman's body is a wonder in itself, but with suggestive lingerie, he transforms into a voluptuous entity of visual pleasure; as toppings on an already succulent dish. These garments of the pleasure of leaving a large part of the imagination and the anticipation of take-off accumulates indoors as a boiling water in a kettle. Each rewarding meeting, a good hype is a required field. Lingerie works as a good trailer for a film. It provides an overview of what will happen. feeding the imagination and the anticipation still more. A good run up is the key to great sex. Lingerie makes every sense until they fire all cylinders; culminating in a fireball of rewarding of sex.

Men are human beings graphics. We salivate to a view of lingerie strategically placed on a woman's body. It is a particular great respite of monotony in a monogamous relationship in the long term. Dressing up for sex not only makes things interesting but it also is reliving the passion often lost in the foreseeable long relationship. Lingerie pushes the buttons right sensual men and shakes up things a little of both parties, making the Special Act for instead of being simply a routine. Lingerie magically transforms each woman a creature sexual naughty who completes and submits only for pleasure and fantasies of his man. This is a spark plug for each relationship suffers from a stagnant and guaranteed for blase desires lead.

A survey conducted by a "ask men" magazine showed that not only their male readers like to see their women in sexy lingerie, but they also prefer that these pairs with heels. The website also ranked their 5 lingerie favorite of all time.

Shirt came in fifth place, a short silky one-piece undergarment requiring a nothing below. In the fourth place is the titillating habit called babydoll. It is specifically designed to enhance the breasts of women come with slots and it exhibits in the workplace or sideways, revealing the bikini under. See through swimsuit of pseudo opens from third place filled fork. Known as the Teddy, he is well known to transform men into creatures enrag├ęs. Camisole and Thong are runners place in this prestigious list their simplicity and their innocence. Modesty is sexy and the majority of men echo this sentiment. Finally, the most beautiful and the best of the best among sensual arms: pumps Bra, G-string and garter belts. These perennial erotic ammunition have seduced men for decades; the weapon of choice for every demanding woman. Shock and the horror has never been as good.

The imagination is a very powerful tool for fun. It allows you to create Visual images in the brain and stimulates all the senses of our body. Lingerie is a device that facilitates the progression of the imagination to sexual maturity. Why men like lingerie? A more important question should be why don't women wear them all the time?

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