Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips to seduce women - think that from time to time outside the box


One thing that I see a lot of guys doing when they want to learn how to seduce women is, they all tend to become disciples of sorts. Which means, they learn a few lines which are supposed to be effective or a routine which is supposed to work, and it is all that they try. Problem with that is, it has become the antithesis of what they look to be, which is an alpha male. Sometimes it is more effective to think outside the box from time to time so that you come across as just another guy who bought a book of pick up and out of an attempt to seduce women.

Learning the routines and lines is perfectly when you're new to the idea of the seductive woman, as it gives you a place at the outset. However, if you really want to get good for women and want it to happen quickly, then you need to learn to think outside the box and be able to move on the fly. Otherwise, you are guaranteed pretty much fail when one of these lines or routines does not work.

Seduction is an art form, was not meant to be static.

When it comes to women, you always have to remember that you are dealing with a single individual. They do not all connected in exactly the same way, if not that each technique will work out the same way on each one you meet. There are many examples of this and really, the more women realize that the guys learn routines and lines on the other, the more defensive they will be to this approach.

Do not follow Naturals, they learn what works by trying new things.

One of the best things you can do is begin to experiment with what works and what doesn't work for yourself. It is one thing to get advice and use it, it is another to follow simply blindly and then wonder why it does not work you. An example of my own personal life is that there are many guys who believe that obtaining "dates day" is the worst thing that could happen. They think that this will lead to ever get a woman in bed. Similarly, my personal experience, which is far from true.

Point is, really good to attract and seduce women, you have to learn to grow your own style. You want to give women the feeling that being with you is not as with any other guy. And if you're just a follower, she will never get this impression. If you can think outside the box and you can adapt to all sorts of situations, then it will be. And it is much more efficient than any learning lines and routines are a bunch of other guys for learning and just like you.

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