Saturday, May 28, 2011

Women are subject - do we really believe that?


Whenever I go through magazines or chat with friends, we always come to the conclusion that the company still perceives women as being submitted. I imagine that because sex involves inserting themselves women, perhaps because men are at the top and on women, while they insert their penis and women set to "it" in men. Is - this is seen as natural dominance law? Does this mean women are submitted?

Admittedly, some men believe that women are subjected because of their own imagination that women are the second, weaker sex. I must also say, with this belief, just the mistreatment of women reaffirming the myth that women are their own purpose. Men are constantly developing new strategies to keep women in their place. Yet, I tend to believe that this can be is no longer the case, unless you live in a third world country. Women are not subject, unless they want to be, because I believe that more women are controlling their relationship by claiming to be submitted.

As Neyo, he wants to miss independent, a person who works as a pattern and speaks as a boss, car and his paid bed and all of this and most of my guy friends will agree with this sentiment. Yet, these same friends also say they have problems with their wives/girlfriends because they are too stubborn, they hear not, because they are simply not enough docile. Confused - you? Yeah, therefore I am.

Truth, most women today are in the world of business than ever before. In fact, the labour union shows us that 49.83% of all American jobs are occupied by women and that 51% of all workers in high-paying management and professional jobs are women! For me, which screams "Miss independent". I then started thinking, could women really be independent and submitted at the same time? Are women really independent in a situation and subject to another to be the perfect woman? It is true, I don't know the answers to these questions, but when I went to dinner with four of my friends, I was curious to see what they thought.

My girlfriend Maria, an accountant, who has recently passed by a divorce said that if she acted may be a bit more silly that it could still married. Stacy, a Social worker, also added that women want some control over their lives, but when he got to the bedroom, women were to allow small friends/husbands to take control. Means that we need to be slightly more docile to stimulate their ego.

Then it seems to me that the world is sending conflicting messages. It seems that women should be bosses of the company, breaking down barriers of the business world, but at home, we turn in our Briefcase to the decks and become humble and stupid. My other girlfriend Lisa, then interrupted my thought by saying that we had to be submitted to the bedroom because in the bedroom is where men were to feel powerful, and honestly, what woman does not want that his man of rape of their bodies in total sexual submission? Good point!

The power in a relationship of bid / dominant can really favor the bid? And we, as women compromising our intelligence, our power by claiming to be submitted? Or we use our power by pretending to be submitted?

This article seems to have raised more questions than answers, and if I'll be honest with you, then I must say here that I truly believe that women are down playing their independence and acting bid to keep the balance of a neutral and balanced relationship. Or, if no toes are walking on and ego do not get broken. To instil the notion of a woman, "leading by behind" or the belief that "behind every great man, he y a great woman." The real question is if it is him screwing by behind.

What do you think?

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