Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You want to know how to get staves? Understand the dynamics of group


If you want to know how to get scopes, you must understand the dynamics of group when you try to pick up a girl. There are several kinds of groups and know how to act in each will be the difference between the obtaining of a young girl in bed and going home alone.

The first dynamic group, you may encounter is the only girl. Thus, this is not really a group, but you need to know how to approach a woman who is alone in a bar or dance club. Sometimes they really are the only ones and seek to pick up a guy to have sexual intercourse. This happens very often, but sometimes, so if you are in this situation, simply wait for her until she is ready to go home and you will probably be to go with it. In most other cases, it is where with another guy, or with friends who have simply disappeared elsewhere for a few minutes. In this case, you need to know who she is with. Go up to it, start the interaction and in a minute or two, ask "where are your friends?". If it is with other people, you move one of the strategies following group dynamics but if she is alone, you can proceed to step of the attraction.

If the girl with a friend, this significantly changes the situation. You are not able to separate the two unless you're with another guy interested to play winger and you to isolate the girl you are interested in. In a case like this, you need to treat the two of them, as they are a. You must move together with them and that you are eligible involve friend when ask you the questions. Ask a friend, what is the best quality of the other girl. At the end of the night, it is very possible that the friend is going to go home and the girl that you are interested will stay behind with you.

If the girl that you are interested is with three persons or more, your ultimate goal is to isolate from the rest of the group. However, you must ensure that the group accept you before trying him to flee. Talk with all members of the group, giving them a visual contact, and generally be a nice guy. Finally, you will be able to escape the rest of the group with their blessing.

How to obtain the litters is as easy as understanding the dynamics of group that you are in when you try to pick up a girl. By getting the lay of the land, you will be able to play your game, make your travel and reach your ultimate goal.

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