Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Guide to seduction - how Transition of an opener


Each seduction guide tells you that the first game is very important. This is true, but if you do not know how the transition from the opener to the conversation to build social comfort, even the best line you will do no good. You need to effectively transition before even the first match is made. The transition is one of the most important skills in the art of pick-up.

Ask Questions

One way to make a great transition is to ask a question which then leads in the topic. For example, you want to talk about travel. In this case, you would ask where they are. If they are of the Russia, for example, you are going to start talking about how you went there last year, and girls all resembled here.

Syntagmatic Transition

You can use expressions of transition. One is "check this". Another is "you'll never believe it." This naturally leads the conversation to the next step and he told him that you are moving.

The Observation

Another is to make a comment. You can use a comment to introduce another topic. If you want to move to talk of travel in Europe, for example, you can tell him that she has dressed completely American and then start talking about how the girls dress in Europe. Of course, you will want to tell him at the end of it all you like the North American style better!


It is a good of withdrawing if other transitions are similar they are not going to work. It is really easy to get out the first game in a series. In everything you speak, you suddenly go, Oh, or incidentally, I am John. "It's an easy way to naturally roll off the coast of the first game.

Cold reading and hot reading

You know probably cold bed the psyche on television. This is when they say, "I can tell you as the films" or something like that. It is a great technique to use. Tell him that she seemed nervous or something similar. It should be something that most people would agree with everything well, but it seem wiser, as you are really good judge of character. Hot reading is the same thing, but you are based off the coast of the information they give you already.

The whole point of all of these transitions is to move things in the opener in a more natural conversation. The goal is to build social comfort. It is an area that would be incomplete without, any guide to seduction.

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