Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You have the right Instincts to be a great lover?


Men often think that have understood women when in reality they are way off the coast of the base. Many men think that being a great lover means always ensure that a woman has an orgasm - not any how orgasm is achieved.

An orgasm is an orgasm, right?

Well, it is not that simple.

An orgasm mentioned by organizing a vibrator beside the clitoris is a very different experience than just on as a man himself is thrust deep within you.

An orgasm by a man licking and sucking on your clitoris is also a very different feeling than with vaginal penetration.

All types of orgasms are much pleasant, but one cannot be replaced by another, and any man who does not understand this may not have developed the women as he thinks.

There is something very deep and almost Earth shocking when a just man "takes" you - just you throws down on the bed and books your vagina until it is moist tropical and throbbing with pleasure. Of course, this pleasure is greatly intensified if the man has a large thick penis that completely fills your vagina and you feel stretch with each thrust. Orgasm out of this is just much more intense and also different in a way that is very difficult to describe in terms that any orgasm you have. An orgasm which penetrates all the way deep into the vagina to the cervix and creates these replicas little wavering spasms - this cannot be achieved by means other than deep penetration.

A man who really is a great lover is also known to make a woman feel completely at ease in his own skin. It made him feel that it is beautiful lying there naked with him. A man who can make a woman feel completely unflappable is a man that she will cherish as a great lover.

If a man can combine these things - a large penis throbbing big with sensitivity to a woman to feel completely at ease, he will become her greatest lover ever because it is a very rare combination indeed. It would be a dream come true and this woman would probably more nothing to please such a man. It would be placed on a pedestal and treated like a King - for in his eyes, it would be a King.

One of the keys to a woman completely at ease gently reminds him to her body so belle is for you. Women are very subconscious on their body a bit sweet talk, as he is honest, go a long way towards him be comfortable with you. Women are subconscious particular on vagina - both in the way that the look and how they feel. If you carefully caress and fondle this area and he say if Nice is you and show how much you love her natural odour, it will be very deeply liaison with you.

I know this is perhaps not what you often hear but make your penis bigger in an effort to please her more will also go a long ways towards yourself to it. Number of men actually try to hide the fact that they do exercises to enlarge their penis, when in fact the women love be part of this experience. If a woman knows that you do this in part for her, to improve yourself for her, she will love very deeply for her you. It is an experience of extremely intense to share link.

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